gambling therapy

I have extensive training and experience working with gambling addicts and the people affected by their addiction. Parents, spouses, and adult children are affected by the disease as well as the individual gambler. I am certified by the state of California to treat gamblers and their affected partners at no charge to them through the CalGets (1-800-GAMBLER) program.

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Relationships are not JUST couples. I work with all kinds of relationships. And siblings. And business partners. And lovers. 

Relational therapy does not have to be a "forever commitment." Sometimes people just need a "tune up".  I work from a solution focused frame and approach relationship therapy as a brief intervention. It could just be a few sessions with an optional check up at a later date.

Individual Treatment

At our cores, we know our true wants and needs but, we may not be consciously aware of them. Defensive and destructive patterns from our past can be getting in the way. Therapy is an opportunity to look at your current thoughts and behaviors, appreciate what is working for you, and change what is not.


About Alicia Brandt LMFT license #86666

Compassionate therapist treating gambling addiction, love addiction and people looking for their "third act".

Alicia Brandt has worked in residential, IOP and detox facilities for chemical and behavioral addiction as clinical director, clinical supervisor, therapist, counselor and trainee.  She continues to get training and supervision from experts in the field of mental health and addiction.

Alicia Brandt is trained in EMDR and Solution Focused Therapy, which she uses as well as psychodyanamic (talk) therapy.

"I promise to be there for you every step of your journey. My goal is to help you grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and move forward to where you want to be in your life now."

Depression & Anxiety

Depression, fear, and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we can experience at some point in our lives. Through counseling and treatment, we are able to help you recover motivation, perspective, and joy that you once had in your life. 


Your "Third Act"

As we age, change is inevitable. Some of us avoid change by participating in a rise in drinking and other avoidant behaviors. Some people are stuck in a decision to change careers, partnerships, or lifestyles. We can work together to create a healthy and passionate approach to our "third act".

What is gambling?

Gambling has been traditionally perceived as casino gambling or horse racing. But now there are more and more avenues available to gamble/game.We have online stock trading, sports betting, lottery, internet gaming and so much more. Gambling can be slots in the casino, or on your phone. Do you check your phone constantly for stock updates? Sports scores? Are you losing time/money at the card clubs? Are you so involved in internet games you find hours or days have passed by without your notice? All these behaviors are "gambling".

"Do I have a problem with gambling?"

Are you "addicted " to gaming? gambling?  

How many "yesses" do you have? 

Are the people in your life worried by your gaming?  

Have you  unsuccssfully tried limiting game time by switching games?  

Do you get angry and insulting with other players who make mistakes?  

Do you spend real money in-game?  

When you want to spend time with friends, do you invite them to game?  

Have you suffered any physical effects  from intense gaming?  

Do you find yourself bored with most everything else in life?  

"Is Love Addiction Real?"

How do you know if you are a love / relationship addict?

The following questionnaire is an effective assessment to find out if you have love addiction problems; or determine whether you are a love addict. Feel free to print this page and answer questions with a Yes or No.

I repeatedly fall into hurtful, destructive relationships.

I typically fall in love, get crushes on, or obsess on unavailable/avoidant individuals.

I tend to rush into love relationships too quickly without truly getting to know my partner.

I get stuck in relationships that aren't going anywhere.

I tend to fall for partners who cannot or will not love me in return.

I let fantasies take the place of real relationships.

I have a great fear of being alone.

I feel lonely and unhappy when I am not in a relationship (single).

I crave intensity in relationships while fearing true intimacy/little sharing of real substance.

When I love someone, I fear he/she will find someone better than me.

I panic at the thought of my partner not loving me; and eventually 'abandoning' me.

I become so preoccupied in fulfilling the expectations of my partner that I lose touch with my own feelings.                                                                                                        

I often need constant approval and reassurance from my partner to feel secure and good about myself.

I tend to use a love relationship to help me feel alive, worthy, and valuable.

I tend to compromise my own values and integrity to avoid being alone; left or abandoned.

I seem to always fall for relationship partners who are Narcissistic or Grandiose ("It's all about him/or her").

I can often be demanding; suffocating and smothering my partner in relationships.

I have difficulty letting go of a romantic relationship as I feel I cannot survive without him or her; because it is too painful to end it; even if I know he/she is bad for me.

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